I am very excited to introduce to you our new program coming this July. It is called Stage Professionnel & Linguistique and it is for French students coming to the United States. Here is the link to the full website to check it out (sorry it is all in French!):


This program is actually a seminar for young professionals and students who want to know more about the United States and how things are being done here. Those attending the seminar will hear from professors on how to be a leader of a team, public speaking skills and some of the cultural differences between the United States and France.

Also, there is a language component to help them improve their business English. We do not want the French students to make any of the common mistakes French professionals make when they go over to the United States. Therefore, this will be a kind of "survival kit" for them and we hope to push them to improve their English.

The rest of the program is filled with visiting professional offices and attending events in the city so they can learn the culture of Chicago.

I am very excited to launch this new program and cannot wait to share with you the results of how the students like it and the success they have because of it.
People might wonder how I am working with a group of students in Texas on promoting Seagull Institute. Especially contacting the media and gaining publicity for the organization can be difficult when you are in a long distance partnership.
The reason we make this work is because in today's society the world we live in is so virtual. People all over the world conduct meetings virtually either by conference calls or Skype (or another video program). The need to meet in person is no longer necessary in the business world. This is how successful global partnerships work all over the world.
Therefore, I found this infograph (which are becoming more popular also) on the benefits of having a virtual partnership and other information related to having a virtual partnership. I've found it successful in my work with the students in Texas and want to share with everyone that it is possible to enter into this new business world.
Check out the video some of the Texas Tech students that I am working with on promoting Seagull Institute. This shows the story of how these students got the opportunity to work with me. It was produced by one of the students and I am very excited to share our story through this.
With Easter occurring this weekend, this is a time of the year when people enjoy hunting for Easter eggs hidden by the Easter bunny and eating candy. However, the eggs and bunny are actually a historical symbol for new life and resurrection/renewal.

During this time of the year, people sometimes reevaluate their values and reflect on their current situation. This also happens to be the time when many students are getting ready to graduate in a little over a month. This time of life can be confusing to those students who are in the process of interviewing and figuring out what they want to do with their life after graduation.

These soon-to-be graduates are about to enter into a "new life" of no more tests and quizzes but instead projects and assignments from their bosses. The challenges of adjusting to this new phase of life can be difficult but now is the time to start planning for the changes that are about to happen. Most students get a little nervous during this time and may start to doubt themselves.

However, I want to stress the importance of embracing this time period of renewal and really figure out what you want to do with your life. The time after graduation is a time to really figure out what you want to do with your new life. So dive in! This weekend, while you are eating plenty of chocolate and hunting eggs, think of this time in your life as a time to renew your goals for post-graduation and then strive for them.

Recently, I realized there is a real need for French students to have internship opportunities in the United States. Having an experience in the U.S. on your resume gives it a lot of value and would definitely help these French students stand out in the job application process. Also, the need to master English and understand the U.S. job market is becoming more important in the business and communication world.

Therefore, I have spent a significant amount of time creating a free internship program for French students. This is the first year we are offering the program and I am so excited to meet the students we have selected in the next coming weeks. The program offers opportunities for students to learn and experience the world of events and event management. The internships let students learn all the different aspects of how to run an event and promote it.

I interviewed the French applicants over Skype and selected the students who will be participating in the program. There are some terrific candidates who just needed the opportunity to come over here and I am so excited Seagull Institute is able to provide this program for them.

However, through developing this program, I began to realize there was a large cultural obstacle between the French students and the American job market. The way a resume, cover letter or personal statement are written and presented in the U.S. is different than how the French students are being taught in school. Also, students did not realize the competition is very high and that they would be competing against American students for these internships as well.

Therefore, I decided to step in and offer my help to the students we selected. Because of my French background, I was able to understand where the students were coming from and help them rewrite their resumes. Some students had their pictures, ages and martial statuses on their resumes. I helped them refine their applications and resumes so they were appropriate for American employers to review. Then, those top candidates I selected and helped were able to use me as a reference when they spoke to the partner companies we work with through the internship program.

When I got selected to intern at the Chicago Marathon it changed my life and so I know what a difference it will make to these students who get to come intern in the U.S. This is just another way I can give back and help students.

For more information about our internship program, please visit seagull-institute.org.

A few weeks ago I partnered up with some students from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. They will work with me on developing more publicity for Seagull Institute and help get the name out into the world. I am very excited to have this new partnership because I feel both sides can grow tremendously from it.

Those students are helping me improve the public relations and media relations effort of my company, as well as updating the websites and promotional videos. They are so talented and hard working and I know they are going to do big things for Seagull Institute.

As for them, it looks very impressive that they are helping a company that is not in the same state as them. Chicago is a long way from Lubbock!

"My classmates and I are thrilled to be working with Seagull Institute," said Jennifer Powell, one of the students from Texas Tech. "Most students get internships here in Texas; so this will definitely help us stand out from others because we are working long-distance with an established company in a different part of the country."

So be on the lookout for changes with the websites and social media pages. I hope it won't be long now until other universities and colleges know of Seagull Institute!





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